Does Your Brain Ever Feel Like An Overstuffed Suitcase?

July 13, 2018   //   Business

You know how there are people who can pack for nearly a weeklong trip in one of those ridiculously tiny fashion backpacks you see in oh-so-trendy stores at the mall?

I’m not one of them.

Not even close.

However, I am one of those people who will pack way too much stuff no matter how long I’m going to be gone and expect 6 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, a couple of dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, double the underwear required, a pair of pj’s, 4 pairs of socks, my makeup bag, a blow dryer, my iPad and a pillow all to fit in a carry-on.

unstuff your brain

Is Your Brain Currently Like an Overstuffed Suitcase?

At least, I attempt to do it.

Sure, I have to sit on it to try to get it zipped. And somewhere in the back of my mind I know it weighs more than I do and will never in a million years fit in one of those “check your carry-on size here” stations at the airport, much less an actual overhead compartment.

But dang it, I try. And…I fail. Because an overstuffed carry-on bag is too big, too heavy and too overwhelming to accomplish what I want or need it to do.

Kind of like my brain.

Not just MY brain though. Brains in general.

The more we try to cram things in, one on top of another, the less effective we actually are and the less we actually learn.

Too Much Learning, Not Enough Implementing.  Unstuff Your Brain!

Just like I need to unstuff my luggage, we all need to unstuff our brains. We need to put things in, learn what we need to and then minimize it or remove it to make room for more.

When you’re becoming a teacher, you find out a lot about different styles of learning. Across the board, however, the most effective method is usually to teach one principle, let students get some hands-on time working with it, and then moving on to the next principle. Most students know the first principle so well by that time that they don’t even think about it—they just do it.

You guys, building a business is the same way. Learn one thing at a time, implement it, and then build on it. Also, you need to keep all the clutter and stuff you don’t need OUT of your brain. 

Want to know one of the most effective things you can do to unstuff your brain? Turn off the chatter that’s going on around you 24/7.

You need to have time every day to put down—and preferably turn off—your phone.

It’s not just about the constant dings, rings, and interruptions. It’s the fact we’re so often on our phones trying to research and dig and verify and find another product or video related to our business that we don’t have the time to IMPLEMENT what we’ve actually LEARNED.

Learn a principle. Implement it. Move to the next step.

It’s good for your business AND it’s really good for your brain.

But is that everything you need to do to unclutter your gray matter? Nope. That’s why I created a list of 5 more things that I’ve put into practice to help me unstuff my brain and move my business forward in huge ways.

Unstuff your brain image of Alison J Prince

Second, choose one…ONE…mentor.

There are so many amazing people out there teaching great principles, but when you’re listening to all of them nothing seems to get done.  It’s not that you have to have the same mentor forever–it’s just that you need to have just one at a time. Learn from them, absorb what they have to teach you, and put it to work.

Third, do a social fast.

Is your brain yelling something along the lines of “WHAT ON EARTH?!”  I totally get it–especially if you use social media to sell products or otherwise promote your business. But dang it–social media can just be one big “squirrel!”  It draws your attention and drains your time.  What I mean by a social fast is to log on to Facebook or Instagram or whatever to do what NEEDS to be done, then get right back off. DO NOT start scrolling, watching videos or sharing memes. I did it for three months and it was life-changing and business-changing.

Fourth, write down your accomplishments. 

When you keep track of the things you’ve done, it’s an opportunity to recognize just how many things are going right and just how well you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll get not-good things in your head telling you that you’re not succeeding. Your win list kicks those thoughts right on out.

Fifth, celebrate your accomplishments.

I’m not talking the ginormous things. I’m talking the small victories. Maybe you worked out today. Woohoo! Or maybe you finally tackled a project you were dreading.  Yes!!!!  Maybe you posted three new products for sale. That’s awesome!  Seriously–get excited about your life and the things you’re doing. It makes your brain happy.

Sixth, focus on just three things from your to-do list.

I’m a list maker, so I love detailing out all the things I need to do. But you know what? When there’s a list of 20 or 25 or 125 things, my mind becomes completely overwhelmed…and it can almost paralyze me.   That’s why I absolutely recommend only focusing on just THREE things from your to-do list. Make them the most important things, knock them out, and then celebrate getting them done.

I’ve put it all on video, but here’s the kicker, you don’t even have to take notes!  I’ve got a .pdf that I totally want to give you FREE so you can look at it when you’re feeling like the mind suitcase you’ve been packing will explode before you ever get to the airport.

That handy little download containing my tips to unstuff your brain will fly to you via Messenger simply by clicking the link. It’s pretty awesome.