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Our Family Volunteer Trip to Thailand

This summer our family went on a volunteer trip to Thailand, and I decided to wait until now to put…

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Get Your Dang Dream! | NYC and the Macy’s Day Parade

Our trip to NYC and going after your dreams! Whether it’s to own your own business, visit NYC, or play…

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How Much Things Cost in Thailand!

  How Much Things Cost in Thailand This site is about money and travel so what better way to kick…

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Chiang Mai Travel |16 things to do in Thailand

Chiang Mai Travel And so it begins…the start of a love for a country that I had nightmares about as…

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Finding Manufactures While in China | + Migraine, Taxi Scandal and Great Products

  Helloooo….I’m back from China and ready to rock and roll with new products and AMAZING pricing.  I do have…

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How We Made $42 Dollars an Hour (on Vacation)

How we made $42 bucks an hour. We did it while on vacation in Maui too!  Why?  #becauseican and so…

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How I fly for free

How I’ve flown for FREE for 5 years on family vacations + TIPS to save when traveling!

How To Fly For Free Hi Hi Hi I’m so buzzing with excitement for this post is on how to…

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