A Swipe Up Led to More Sales Than the Cost of My Minivan

September 14, 2017   //   Business Building, Reports

I am so excited to bring you four things today. First thing, we’re going to hear Brie’s story. She just launched her business and her story makes me so happy and excited. The second thing is how a swipe up generated more sales than a minivan that I used to have. Third, I’m going to share some amazing secrets that I learned from the experts at the ClickFunnels office in Boise.   Then the fourth thing is an update on grandpa and his beautiful love of 74 years.

More sales from a swipe up pinterest image

Get More Sales with a Swipe Up in Instagram Stories

In this video, I wanted to show you what I did that led to more sales than the price of a minivan I used to own.  I had another person sell my product for me and she did it in on an Instagram Story with a swipe up!  That swipe up led to a lot of money and you can do it too.  Reach out to an influencer and have them sell your product with a swipe up.



Expert Tips to Build Your Business and Get More Sales

Here are the four things that I learned at the ClickFunnels office.  I’m taking these tips back with me and using them in all of my businesses because they were so good.

Choose an Avatar

An avatar is someone, just one person, that you sell to and build your brand around.  When you are making choices in your business and you are building your brand, your avatar will bring you clarity in this process. For example, when I was building Pick Your Plum, my avatar was a girl named Nicki, she was a Mom of four, she was beautiful, but she wasn’t perfect. She could bake a little bit but was trying to learn, and she was trying to be the best person that she possibly could.


Don’t make it complicated when you are building your brand and making decisions.  Know your avatar!

Less Time for Decisions

When you know your avatar and focus on that knowledge, it will take less time to make decisions regarding your business.  If I’m selling to Nicki, then I know what she likes, so it’s going to make it so much easier.

Be a Person of Value

Give people value just instead of pushing products. Ask yourself how can you give a little bit more value to improve their life.  Figure out how you can solve their problems or give them a little extra bonus.

You Can Build Your Business and Get More Sales

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