We got Flagged! + $30K

August 14, 2017   //   Reports

alison prince

“Okay, I’m going to show you something that is so exciting that you probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.”



If you want to check out the transcription below, I’ve put it below.  Why do I do this?  Because I realized sometimes people are reading this next to a sleeping baby and they don’t want the sound on.  The video also has closed caption if you want to check that out.

“Okay, I’m going to show you something that is so exciting that you probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

 Hey guys, I’m so excited to share three things with you today. One includes our Shopify account getting flagged because we sold too much in too short of time, over $30,000. I’m going to show you how we did it and how you can make this happen too. Number two, an update on Karleen’s story, which is awesome. Then number three, how we decided to get away from all of the chaos, so subscribe, like, start your Because I Can Clan, make this happen for you because I’m excited to hear your story. Okay, let’s get going.

Karleen Andresen with Mango Belly came in and crushed her first 3 weeks selling products online.  Here is what she had to say.  “I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I’m working with Alison. She literally has blown the roof off of any idea I had of success, off of any goals I had. Just practicing what her technique is has changed my family, my income, my potential and I don’t say that lightly. I used to lead 4,000 women in business. I know what that looks like to lead people. She has created an opportunity for me to do exactly what I want to do. I’ve only been working with Alison for about a month or six weeks.

I’ve only been selling products for about three weeks but the success is spot on. It’s exactly what she says it’s going to be. I hit those goals, I see those trends, when I’ve hit challenges and I’ve hit some challenges in this short amount of learning curve time, she has been there to say ooh, that’s so fun, that’s so exciting, let’s go for more. This is how you fix it. She’s taken her worst and made it my best and I’m so thankful for that.”

Okay, I’m going to show you something that is so exciting that you probably won’t be able to sleep tonight because it’s so incredibly fun. Okay, now remember I’m not going to show you the product, but I’m going to show you the process because I don’t want you to get stuck on the product. It’s the process that makes this work and it’s been tested over and over again. Get ready, here we go.

 Oh my goodness, August 1st,  almost $16,000 in sales one day. This is not a deal site, this is a Shopify platform. Okay, day two of the sale almost $12,000.  Two days brought in over $28,000, 416 orders, oh you guys, we are freaking out with excitement. This happens, it’s happening right now.

Okay, so here are my top three things on how you can make this a reality too.

Number one, urgency. You’ve got to put some urgency, create your own black Friday whenever you want to in the year. We decided to do it on August 1st and we did it August 1st through August 2nd. Now you’ll see that it says August 3rd on there and what we did is, we left it open for just a little bit longer so that our customer service gal wouldn’t get bombarded with emails by saying hey, I slept in or I didn’t get the email or it went to spam or something like that.

We left it open for just a few hours longer but you can see right there that it is over $30,000, which is like crazy awesome cool, right? Then you’ll also see that we did have some returns and that is because people paid full price for the product and they couldn’t get the coupon code to work, they typed it in wrong or something like that, so we went back and reimbursed them quickly. That’s why the returns are there and you can see that.

Okay, number two is switch up your pricing, which it’s trial and error, right? You try things to see if they work. We actually did a small promotion where we tried 19.99 with free shipping, it converted like piddly squat but then we did $15.00 with 5.99 in shipping and that, as you can see, converted like mad, like crazy. Don’t be afraid to play around with your pricing to see what resonates well with your customers.

Then the third, how did we drive traffic? You guys, it’s what we learned in preschool, what we learned in elementary, share. Pretty easy, right? It’s not complicated, it’s not expensive, you just share it. You find companies that compliment you and then you throw traffic back and forth with each other. What we did is, we found a company that would compliment our products and then we complimented their products and then we did an arrangement where we shared our email list.

They sent out an email list for us and then we sent out an email list for them on one of their products, one of their sales, which created this awesome, just this great way of growing your business without actually costing a lot of money. All it was was just a share for a share. Don’t be so greedy with your customers, let them experience someone else’s brand that you’re passionate about and that you love. They’ll appreciate that and then if a company says no we don’t do that, don’t work with them.

There’s plenty of small businesses out there who would love to share and grow together because it really does work. Building your tribe of not only your customers but also of your community of small business friends, there’s a lot of power in that. That’s my third thing, is how to drive traffic is to share. Share your stuff. It’s amazing how that works.

Jared hopped in to give us a little inside scoop of what’s going on. “Just got an email from Shopify that one of our stores got flagged for selling over $30,000 of product in just a couple days. They said we need to provide this information, there’s just some information on the business, that it’s a real business, that we’re really shipping this product to our customers, but it’s pretty important we get this information to them. Apparently, if we don’t get it done in the next couple days, they’re not going to pay us and our store will be placed on hold and it may hold up sales for a little bit so I got to hurry and get this done.”

Whoa, it’s a bedhead morning.  This morning has been absolutely crazy, running around like chickens with our head cut off. Jerrod’s running to the bank to get verification to provide to Shopify that we are a real business and then he took the girls down to the warehouse to help them get some extra packages out. They’re trying to earn some back to school money and then Facebook Lives and I got to get the boys ready, they’ve got some things they need to do today, so wish us luck. Good thing to have, we’re so grateful, but it’s kind of a crazy morning today.

After all this excitement and running around, we decided it was time to take the kids up on a picnic on the top of the world just to get a breather and get away from it all. Chick-fil-A, you guys know I’m a huge fan of Chick-fil-A, was right by our side as we drove to the top of the mountain. Bountiful Peak in Utah, it’s beautiful.

Utah is so beautiful, check this out. The family’s all down over there. I’m up here just hanging back because I’m super afraid of heights but look at this beautiful country we live in. Gorgeous.

If you want this to happen to you, if you want the possibility of earning $30,000, go do it and make it happen and I’m here to support you. Sign up for the master class that I teach and I can show you the exact tips how to do, get involved in the Because I Can Clan Facebook, follow this YouTube channel and make this your reality. People are making this happen. Karleen from earlier told you how she sold over $1,000 in two weeks, which is rockstar status, she’s only been at it, selling for three weeks.

You guys can do this. Live your Because I Can Clan life. Change your dreams, and just live the life that you’ve always wanted to.