Selling $1619.10 in 3 days! + a Track Meet

May 8, 2017   //   Reports

alison prince

Why do I get so excited geeking out over numbers and sales?  I think it’s because it’s because others are making this a reality too.  Kerri, just let me know she pocketed $500 dollars her first week.  Whohaaahaa…Imagine me trying to say that word!  How ever it’s said, that’s pretty cool and it’s just the beginning for her.  I like this living the financial dream without having to kill yourselves by working 120000 hours a week.

Now this sale was happening amongst the hustle and bustle of trying to pack for a 2 week buying trip to Asia, 3 birthdays in a 7 day span, and running 7 businesses.  It’s so cool that I was still able to pocket some cash.  This event took about 2-3 hours to set up, run, and ship out.  I’ll take it.  The best part is that it’s on a product that is saturated.   That’s like trying to sell those dang fidget spinners to elementary school kids when every kid already has one!   Saturated product can still sell.  It works.  I see people doing this every day.    Now it’s your turn.  It really is.  Pinky Promise.

Oh and I don’t want to let the air out of the bag on these inflatable couches, but you have to see this journey.  It’s a pretty cool one that just may want you to start kicking up your feet as you sit down and watch the sales come in.  ha.