Are You Scared to Sell Products?

June 21, 2019   //   Business

Let me guess:  the idea of selling makes you so uncomfortable that you actually feel almost itchy at the concept. You seriously cannot fathom selling a product to someone online or in person because you don’t want to ask them for money and you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or for a dozen other reasons.  

You’re just downright scared to sell products.

Scared to sell online? Alison Prince shares her advice for creating an e-commerce business you can be proud of.

I get it. If you’ve never sold before, it seems like a pretty dang big hurdle.

But let me ask you something: do you ever go shopping?

Do you ever get groceries? Clothes for your family? Dinner out? Maybe your favorite bubbly diet beverage over delicious pebble ice?  (Sorry! Kinda having a little craving at the moment.)

Diet beverage or not, the reality is that you do buy things if not daily then at least a few times a month.

And do you think that your neighborhood grocery store or Costco or Target or Chick-fil-A feel guilty about selling to you? Are they scared to sell products?

(Psst!! They aren’t.)

You see, they know that you want and/or need the products they’re offering. They know that the products they’re offering can make your life or someone else’s life better.

People like and are willing to buy everything from bubble gum to bass boats. And here’s the thing: if you aren’t going to sell it to them, they’ll find someone who will.

Selling doesn’t translate into twisting arms or forcing behavior. It’s an opportunity to provide a product that people are interested in and want to buy. Best of all, you have the chance to give them the option to buy a better product and have a better experience.

How is that a bad thing?  It’s not!

Right now I have the chance to mentor a lot of people as they grow their online businesses.  One of them sells little boys’ bowties. Another sells her own beautiful artwork. Another one sells rocks. (Yes—ROCKS!)  Others sell clothing and home goods and pretty much anything else you can think of.

And not one of the people they sell to feels uncomfortable, pressured or forced to buy those products.  

Are you scared to sell online? Ecommerce expert Alison Prince shows you why selling products and providing outstanding service are nothing to fear.


Here’s the other thing I think is important to share: an online business alleviates the stress that comes from having to approach your friends and family about buying products. It throws open the door to sell to people you’ve never met from places you’ve never been…and they will be thrilled to purchase from you.

Stop letting fear get in your way! Click here now and let’s get started.

P.S.  Still feeling scared to sell products?  Watch this presentation about overcoming fear, taught by a young lady who’s been selling online since she was just 13.