setting goals, goal setting, New Year's resolutions

Why New Years Resolutions WILL NOT Work for you.

Ah…New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s that time of year, right?  The gym is about to get busy because everyone wants to…

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First Year in E-commerce

The 3 Mistakes New Online Entrepreneurs Make

Oh man—those first months…okay, YEARS…of owning an online business were crazy. When I think about them I admit to getting just…

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How to ship products for your ecommerce business - Online business tips from Alison Prince - ShipStation

E-commerce 101: How to Ship Products

Let’s talk about how to ship products. Now I’m going to warn you right up front that it’s definitely not…

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Where to store online business products - where I store my products today - ecommerce tips from Alison Prince

Storing Products for an Online Business

Not very long ago I had someone ask me about storing products for an online business. For me, it was…

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Alison Prince - Kidpreneurs - Online Business Tips - How a teen made 6 figures online

Learning From Kidpreneurs: My Interview with Makayla

It is definitely not a secret that I am head-over-heels in love with all things e-commerce and marketing. But you…

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money to start an online business

Do You Need a Lot of Money to Start an Online Business?

I’m thinking that you may have found this blog post because you were scrolling through the internet, looking for information…

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Alison Prince - Cheap photo backgrounds - online business tips

18 Awesome (And Cheap!) Photography Backgrounds for ECommerce Product Shots

Oh, friends—you’ve seen them and so have I. Those perfectly styled photographs with products painstakingly placed on the most perfect…

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building an online store

Things You Must Do When Building Your Online Store

This blog is for people who are totally ready to launch their online store (or maybe even have launched it). …

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product descriptions, how to write product descriptions

The Right Way to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

One of the questions I get asked about all the time is writing product descriptions.  When I had to start…

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online business, online store, online boutiquie

5 Must-Haves to Start Your Online Store

Let’s roll back the hands of time for a minute as we start talking about the “must haves” for starting…

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don't need to compete

Why You’re Not Competing with Amazon or Walmart

Are you contemplating starting an e-commerce business but wonder how you are supposed to compete with Amazon or Walmart?  What…

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Resources – What Do I Need To Start An Online Shop?

What you need to start an online shop today! See the title of this post? I think I must have…

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How to get more email subscribers

How to Get More Email Subscribers and Grow Your Email List

I admit it: I’m kind of excited about today’s blog post because it’s all about growing an email list and…

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The Lies We are Told and Options We Have

So I kind of have a heavy topic to talk with you about today. Maybe you can tell by the…

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I’ll Trade You | Your ‘How-To’ for Working with Influencers

I’ll trade you a paperclip for a Porsche? Any takers? Waiting….Waiting… Seriously, it’s a lovely paperclip.  It’s made of shiny…

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how to get spaces on instagram

Instagram Hack: Give Me Some Space(s)

  I have two things I need to tell you. First, that I love e-commerce in a huge way because…

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