Nervous to Sell Products Online?

May 24, 2019   //   Business, Business Building, Family, Resources

“Alison, I’m just so NERVOUS to sell products online!”  I’ve heard that phrase a lot, or phrases like it. “I don’t have enough experience to do e-commerce” or “I’d love to be an entrepreneur, but I have no idea how to run a business.”

Nervous to Sell Online? What a teen can teach you about selling products via e-commerce.

I swear I understand. Trying new things can be tough.

I mean, who hasn’t been there, right? Heck—I was nervous to sell products online when I was just getting started!

But let me tell you why I truly, absolutely know for a fact that it is possible to start and run a successful e-commerce business. It has to do with the teenage girl in the video posted below, my daughter, Makayla Prince.

Makayla was just 13 when she and my daughter Bridges began their own e-commerce store. And in case you’re wondering—they really did it on their own. I taught them basic principles of online sales, my husband and I helped them set up the legal part of their business and we gave them a loan for a couple of hundred dollars to get started.

They were required to find a product, take pictures, ship orders, and the other things every other online business owner does. And because they had school and friends and extracurricular activities, they did it in a few hours a week, usually on Saturday mornings.

Bridges and Makayla learned a lot of lessons.

Especially about the value of time.

And about how way too many people exchange their time for money.  The key is finding ways to make money so they can enjoy the time they have.

As she said during her fantastic presentation during ClanCon Live 2019 in March of this year. “You will always be able to make more money, but you can never get time back. Spend your time wisely.”

Nervous to Sell Products Online? Find out how this teen learned and earned with e-commerce

One of the best investments I think you could make just happens to be learning more from this lively teen. She has learned in the last 5 years about running a business. Perhaps you will learn why it’s time to overcome being too nervous to sell products online.