Increasing Your Online Sales | 11k in 7 Hours Part 3

April 12, 2019   //   Business Building, Freebies

Okay, so you’ve built your site, you’ve invited people to come check it out…but you’re having a problem increasing your online sales.  Oh my gosh—I totally know where you’re coming from. I absolutely, cross-my-heart, pinky-swear promise that I do. It’s discouraging not to have people buying from your store.  

But what if I told you that I can tell you how to boost your e-commerce sales.  Would you love it?

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Well good—because today we are chatting about increasing your online sales!

Hey!  By the way!  This is PART THREE of my five-part series that is all about building your online business. And yeah, what I’m teaching in this series is EXACT-A-MUNDO what I did when I sold over $11,000 in products in less than 7 hours.

So go back, read parts 1 and 2, and then come back over here for some deliciousness.

Or just start here.  

But you’ll want to know the other stuff.  A LOT.

ALSO, let me tell you my tips for upping your product sales in your online store. And honestly, you need to be aware that the information I’m sharing will work pretty much with any product.  

I’ve said this a hundred bazillion times: It’s not the product, it’s the process.  So make these steps part of your process.

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

If you’re around me?  No. I’m always freezing cold. But there’s one hot thing I love, and that is HOTJAR. It’s a piece of tech that lets you monitor your customers’ interactions with your site. You can see how people move through your site, where they’re clicking, where they’re dropping off…which means you can see where you can improve your site.  Yeah, improve your site, improve your sales.


Give ‘em a big, beautiful offer

You guys—this is basic, but it’s essential.  Think about yourself—do you buy something online just because it’s 5% off.  Um, no. At least, I really, really, REALLY doubt it. Make it worth someone’s time to shop with you by giving them something valuable.  Note: I didn’t say free. You don’t have to do a BOGO or give a 50% discount or any of those things. If you’re selling men’s ties, for example, show some cool ways to tie them. If you’re selling jewelry, give them free tips for the types of jewelry that look best for your body type.  Information = value = that’s the kind of offer that has my attention.

Time’s Ticking

Is there anything more compelling than something that is only available for a limited time?  Nope. That’s why Black Friday shopping was so huge (and still is) for so long. Knowing you can get that drool-worthy down throw at a ridiculous price only until 10 am?  Oh yeah, you’ll be first in line.

Along with urgency comes SCARCITY.  If you only have 50 items available for a specific price, tell them. Count it down. People will claw to be one of those 50. Word of warning: be authentic with this technique.  Don’t suddenly discover 800 more in the backroom. If people miss out, it just makes them more anxious to come back next time.

Go All Oprah on ‘Em

Remember that one time when Oprah gave everyone a car? Yeah, we’re not ACTUALLY doing that. But think about how the people in her audience went INSANE when they did that.  Doing a giveaway on social media is fun and brings a lot of energy too. I talked more about this in Part 2 but wanted to bring it up here again. Um…because it works. One of my favorites is to do a drawing during a Facebook Live once we reach a certain number. Say we get 140 viewers? Then suddenly say the first person to post the word “MINE!” wins a mystery product. It’s crazy fun.

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be A LIVE

Get on social media, for the love of heaven. Do lives. Post stories. Get sassy. And if you’re introverted, then get creative. Don’t use it as an excuse to hold you back. You absolutely, positively, without question, DO NOT NEED TO LOOK LIKE A KARDASHIAN TO BE ONLINE.  And if it really, really bugs you, have someone you love help you. Honest to goodness. Don’t sell yourself short.

Cha-cha-change It UP!

Remember how I talked about HOTJAR up there in that paragraph?  Well, if you’re seeing something that’s not working well, you have absolute permission to change it. Even if it’s during a sale. Even it’s 20 minutes after you went live.  If you want to make a different picture pop up first because people are loving it, do it. Want to rewrite copy? Go right ahead. YOU make the rules.

Look for My Next Post

Okay, not a tip. But something you really should do, because more information is coming your way that will help you build a gorgeous, profitable online business.  So come on back soon.

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And in the meantime, I have all of the tips for increasing your online sales ready for you in a downloadable .pdf. Just click the link, and you’ll be on the path to having it delivered via Messenger in just minutes.