Finding Manufactures While in China | + Migraine, Taxi Scandal and Great Products

May 15, 2017   //   Business, Travel


finding manufactures in china

Helloooo….I’m back from China and ready to rock and roll with new products and AMAZING pricing.  I do have to say that this trip, it was  number 7 for me, had to be the most adventurous.   While we did the main stay shows, we decided to go off the beaten path and find a new side of China that I never knew about.  This was one of my most unique experiences over there for sure and add in a migraine, getting kicked out of taxis and getting lost added to the adventure.  I am super glad we went this time though.  We found some top vendors that I have plans to use and build out some awesome sales products.

I never seem to have luck with the food when in China.  I know, some people tell me I’m missing out on the best part.  It just doesn’t happen with me.  The theme of this trips food was ‘bottom of a shoe’.  I can’t seem to nail that part.  I do manage to eat a lot of protein bars!   When I got home to the USA, I just wanted to eat pizza.  SEVEN pieces later, I had a stomach ache larger than I’ve ever had.  Probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do though!  ha.   I’ll tell you what, I now have respect for my daughters teenage boy friends who can manage to pound down an entire pizza and play basketball right after.  Whoo…weee.  I had to take a nap.