Going (Facebook) Live

April 5, 2019   //   Business, Freebies

Facebook Lives. Bah-Bah-BAH!!!!!!! (That’s supposed to be a big dramatic sound, so do me a favor and play along.) Yes. Facebook Lives. Facebook live ideas are what we’re going to talk about today, and here’s why: because after YEARS of doing business online, Facebook (and Instagram) Lives have really been game-changers in terms of how I’ve been able to connect with customers.  It’s also become a RIDICULOUSLY awesome tool to deliver education—like when I’m hangin’ out with the #BecauseICan Clan every Friday morning in our super private Facebook group and on Tuesday mornings on my public FB page.

While these videos can be amazing for your business, doing Facebook Lives can be awfully darn intimidating!

Now keep in mind, I never thought I’d do any type of live video. I mean, I didn’t go to college to become a broadcast journalist, right? Nope—I went to become a teacher.  (Which, considering the fact that I’m running lots of online businesses doesn’t really make much sense either.) And to be honest, I was so dang scared when I did live video the first time that I kinda wanted to cry.  I mean, it’s stressful to put yourself out there.

But when I did, the reaction I got from the people watching me was AMAZING.

It wasn’t because I was perfect at it (I wasn’t.)

And it wasn’t because I gave earth-shattering information. (I didn’t.)

I think the reason they liked it was because I was able to get very real with them. My audience could ask me questions and I could answer them right then and there. Plus, I was sharing information they were interested in. Topics that were specific to how they could grow their own, sustainable e-commerce company.

Now I’ve been doing Facebook Lives for over a year, and I’ve followed those same steps. In the lives I do in the private group, there’s always a topic I focus on, and I’m always happy to answer any questions they have. Plus, I’m still super authentic with the audience.

They know that I have a serious romance with gray tee-shirts, they’ve met every member of my family (because they just kind of pop in), we’ve toured my office (work and home), talked about my grandpa and can even tell you all about my water mug (slightly obsessed with it.)  A few weeks ago, they watched me have a bit of a fan-girl panic attack because I was contacted by someone I kinda consider a hero…and they all cheered me on.

For anyone who wants to build an online/e-commerce business, Facebook Live and Instagram Live are phenomenal tools to grow them faster than you ever thought possible but it can be hard work to come up with Instagram and Facebook live ideas.

Alison Prince - Ideas for Facebook Lives - Ecommerce Business Tips

Now here’s the cool thing…

Because sometimes topics can be tough to come up with when you’re getting started, I’ve put together a kick-butt list of 31 Instagram and Facebook Live Ideas for you to use.

Yep!!! You could do one of these a DAY and really launch the heck out of your Live efforts.

Let’s talk about 9 of them.  Ready?

Show folks around.

Give a tour of the space you’re working in. (Did I just scare you a little bit?)  Don’t be! If you’re working from a home office, let ‘em see what’s happening. Show them your desk. Show them your favorite pen. I know someone who has a keyboard she’s obsessed with—if you’re the same way, show it off. Let your customers and followers get to know YOU.

Take a walk through your website.

Wait, what?  Yep!  Take your customers on a tour of your website. Show them your FAQ page. Walk them through how to order the perfect gift. Discuss your sizing charts. Just let them see the digital masterpiece you’ve created just for them.

“Help me choose.”

People! This is one of my favorites because it gets viewers engaged. If you have two items, ask them which one you should order. Do they like the blue or the red?  Long skirt or short? Hoops or dangles? And then follow through…because it confirms that you’re listening to them and making your customers part of your business.

Go behind the scenes of your Facebook Live.

Do you know how many times I’ve shown people my “tripod” that is really a roll of paper towels?  Or me sitting in front of a hotel window trying to get the right lighting? Okay, I don’t actually know how many times either, but it’s A LOT. And people love it every time. They get to learn tips AND you get even more relatable.

The whole package.

Show your viewers how you package your products. (By the way, this is a great time to think about how to up your packaging game!)  Show them how you fold them, how you wrap them, the custom box that they’ll be receiving, the super cool insert you always add—whatever it is, show it off. Get them excited about getting a package from you!

Be a bragger.

Nope—not about yourself (although I’m sure you’re great.)  Brag about your customers. If there’s someone that purchased a dress and messaged you a picture, mention in your Facebook Live how beautiful “Maggie” looked. If you get permission, show her picture. Let your Facebook and Instagram community see that there are other real people buying from you and that you really appreciate and love them for it.  Thank people for their reviews. It just builds the love.


If something exciting happens in your business, it’s the PERFECT time for a Facebook Live. Maybe you had a ginormous order day. It could be that a new product shipment just arrived. You could even have just sold out of a product in a crazy short amount of time. Stories like these build excitement…and you bet those customers who missed out are going to look for upcoming events.

What’s coming up.

If you have a really awesome product at a crazy price, count down the sale with your customers. Show off the product. Let them know when it will be available. Confirm that there’s a limited number available. Give them a reminder the day before. Tell them how excited you are about it and why. By the time the sale arrives, your Facebook Lives could have gotten them to the point that they’re giddy with excitement and smack-dab in front of the screen when the sale goes live.

Talk about related stuff.

Show how your products are integrated into your own everyday life. If you sell a great kitchen gadget, do a Facebook Live making a simple, yummy holiday appetizer. Show how the product works but make the focus on the food. It’s a low-key way to sell and gives you a fun opportunity to serve them. Share that recipe. Ask for their favorite appetizer ideas. Talk about the worst holiday appetizer you ever made. Just get people interested. (And hello! Use Pinterest like mad!)

Go right now and get a free download of all 31  Facebook Live ideas sent right to your Messenger inbox by clicking the link!

Bah-bah-BAH!!!!!!!  (Did it work better that time?)

Talk to you again soon!