Boost Your Online Sales | 11K in 7 Hours Part 4

April 19, 2019   //   Business

Welcome to Part 4 of my series sharing how I sold $11,000 in products online in just 7 hours. Today I want to talk about the secret you can use to boost your online sales. I promise it’s a super crazy simple one.

Are you ready?  

Prepare the drumroll, please….

The secret to boosting online sales is this: the fortune is in the follow-up.

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So let’s chat for a sec about what that means.

Waaaaaaay too often e-commerce business owners get so dang focused on setting up their site and preparing for their big launch day that they forget about a super critical part of the sales process:  

They forget about what can happen at the END of that launch.

Having a plan for those last vital hours of a sale—and leveraging them in a big way—can drive a huge amount of sales.

Two of the emotions that drive people to act are both tied around one concept: FOMO. Nobody wants to be left out of a good thing.

(Unless it’s late at night. In which case, feel free to leave me out because I have a husband, 4 kids and some businesses to run and dang it—I need some sleep.)

Anyway, that’s what makes scarcity and urgency so powerful. If either time is short or stock is running low, there is a greater likelihood your customers will choose to act. It’s human nature.

That’s why on the last day—and in the last hours—of my sales, I either send an email and/or post on social media letting people know that a good thing is coming to an end. That if they want to take advantage of whatever offer I’ve created for them, they need to act.

This simple process of following up and giving people a reminder about my product and why it’s right for them will always boost your online sales. And in some cases, I’ve doubled my first day of sales.  

The Fortune is in the Follow Up , boost online sales, increase e-commerce profits

I’ve created a printable that I want you to print out. Slap it on your wall and refer to it EVERY SINGLE TIME you are launching a product or having a big event. I want it to serve as a visual reminder that you can boost your online sales by simply remembering the mantra “The Fortune is in the Follow Up.”

Click the link to download the free boost your online sales printable and have it delivered right to your Messenger inbox.  

Look for Part 5 of this series, coming soon!