A Day in the Life of Alison Prince | What Does She Do All Day?

November 29, 2017   //   Family

Today’s video is going to be on a day in the life of Alison Prince and what I do all day long.  I’ve had some requests to take a little tour of what I do every day. So, I’m going to show you!

A day in the life of Alison Prince photo of Alison

I Schedule Out All of My Days for a Certain Purpose

Before I get started on a day in the life of Alison Prince, I want to tell you how I structure my week. I’m going to take you in and show you what my typical Wednesday looks like. But each day is super different for me. I usually schedule out all my days specifically for certain purposes.

So Monday is my catch-up day. I catch-up from the weekend and just get my bearings straight on everything that’s happened over the weekend. Tuesday is my day that I schedule to push forward. What am I going to do in my businesses to help me go forward? Wednesday, the third day of the week, is my meeting day. And that’s where I’ll take you on a wild goose chase around to see what goes on. Thursday is my next catch-up date. Because Wednesday I’ve been gone all day so I catch up on Thursday. And then Friday is my wrap-up day. So I have Facebook lives, and a couple phone calls, and then I wrap it up so that I can have a weekend where I can just focus on my family.

Watch a Day in the Life of Alison Prince

Okay, that was a day in the life of Alison Prince. That’s what I do and I love it. Seriously, this is fun for me. I love building businesses. I love helping people build businesses, create income, and change their financial future. This is what makes me happy. So if you’re interested in living your financial dreams and being able to work from home or just doing the things that you’ve always dreamed about, do it. We’re living in an age where we can.  It’s pretty magical how you can grow a business now without having to take out huge business loans. Get involved and make this a reality.