How We Made $42 Dollars an Hour (on Vacation)

April 28, 2017   //   E-Commerce Reports, Travel

How we made $42 bucks an hour.

We did it while on vacation in Maui too!  Why?  #becauseican and so can you!  A baby swaddler and a beanie hat turned into some fast cash while we were zip lining, eating fish tacos and just about running out of gas!  Have you ever made money on vacation?  Ya, it’s a cool feeling.

Check out the mondy monday video below to see how we did it and learn how you can make it a reality too.  I think the best part was us trying not to run out of gas on the road to Hana.  Nothing in site for miles…twisty miles of beautiful rainforest with not a gas station in site.





Note:  If you take this idea or any of the other ideas that are posted here on or, and sell it, I can’t guarantee you’ll make the same amount.  You could make a heck of a lot more or a heck of a lot less.  That seems pretty obvious, but just want to make sure it’s stated so every thing is super clear and I can sleep better at night knowing I’ve just laid this all out.   These eCommerce reports are a way to get you thinking about your products and what you can do to produce a product, source a product, and then sell a product.  This is not to brag or boast about sales.  This is simply to inspire you to get out there and live your dreams because dreams cost money.  Become a doer and make things happen.  Why?  #becauseican.  Make this your reality.