$13K + 3 Days + 3 Tips

July 25, 2017   //   Reports

alison prince

$13K + 3 Days + 3 Tips

I am so excited to show you this….so many good things are in this video that I’m so excited to share with you!

 Russ and Katie just told us they are now making over 6 figures!

Lindsey Duffin was voted ‘Clanner’ of the month!

Because I Can Clan shirts came in and I’m loving the V-neck!

Oh, and I don’t want to forget the $13k+ in 3 days.  I’ve included my top 3 tips on what I did to make it happen.  I actually do this now with every product now.


Here is the transcription of the video, if you would rather read it.  

Hey guys, this is Alison. I’m so excited you’re here because today, I’m going to be talking about how we sold over 13,000 dollars in three days, and how you can work to get that product, how you can work to make this happen, some of the tricks that make it a reality. It is so exciting.

The second thing I’m gonna talk about is we went to dinner with Russ and Katie. Just a little update on their story, which you guys, I’m so excited about.

Number three, how we had to enlist help to get that $13,000 dollars in product out the door because all of our staff left on vacation for summer. So we had to enlist some help.

And, number four, Because I Can Clan T-shirts, they came in. Yay! I’m super-excited about that.

As Jared and I were talking to Russ Olsen he told us the most incredible thing, so after dinner I had him record what he told us and this is what he said…”I had a job, I was working nine to five. It wasn’t working out. We met Allison and some amazing things happened. You know, when we started out, it was rough. It was really hard, and to be completely honest, our first month, we didn’t do that great.The second month, though, we doubled and then we doubled it again. So we ended up where we were at, we were making over six figures by the end. So it was just amazing. She knows how to run a business and she knows what it takes. We’re so grateful to have met Allison, and not only that, she’s been a great friend to us as well. So she’s helped us on the business aspect, she’s been a great friend, and she’s been amazing, don’t you think?We love it. And we’re so grateful to have met her and we’re so grateful that she’s in our lives and helped us create this amazing business that we have today.

So grateful and excited that Russ is making this a reality and living his BecauseICan Life!!

Check out the numbers on July 13th through July 15th, $13,000 dollars in sales. Crazy, awesome, cool. Now, you guys, guess what? I’m not gonna actually show you the product because I don’t need to. It’s not the product. It’s the process, right? It’s the process of how this works that’s what matters. You can sell anything. For crying out loud, they sold these little Chia Pets and made millions of dollars. So I don’t want you to get hung up on the product. I want you to think about the process because that is the key.

I’m headed in to the back of the warehouse to check on the crew that’s trying to get all these boxes out. We enlisted some of Makayla’s teenage friends to come in and help us get all the products out.

They ended up getting well over a thousand packages out the door. They worked hard, super-grateful for those kids.

Then we got the shirts! So excited about these Because I Can Clan shirts. I got them in a v-neck because I like v-neck.  A Clan of Thinkers, Dreamers, and Doers. #BecauseICanClan. Yay.

I’m getting ready to package one to a gal named Lindsey Duffin. She is in the 0-100k system.  I decided to do a Clanner of the Month over there.  She was voted as the winner, and so I am gonna send her a free T-shirt that says, “Because I Can Clan”, because she’s been a rockstar and has made things happen. So, I’m gonna ship that off, getting it all shipped out to her. Yay.

Want to find out how to find your product that’s going to help you sell $13,000 dollars a day? These are my top three secrets. My top three suggestions.

Number one, don’t try and come up with this amazing Shark Tank idea. You don’t need to. You just sell what’s selling. You don’t need to come up with these crazy ideas or think that it has to be the next new million, bajillion dollar idea. Just sell what’s selling. As some of you guys know from my daughters, their scarf story, they sold over 100,000 dollars just selling scarves. That wasn’t a new idea. Not a shark tank idea at all, right? Now, you don’t want to steal somebody’s idea, but scarves, they’re not patentable. They’re not trademarked. They just went out and sold scarves. And that’s the product that we sold today, was just a trending product. It wasn’t some crazy, new invention. Just a product that was trending, that was selling.

Number … I have notes. Number two, test it. Once you’re like, “Oh my gosh. I found a product. It’s trending. I want to try it out and see if it works.” Don’t invest thousands of bajillion dollars in it, right? Just invest the smallest amount as possible, and then go test it. See if it sells. Your customers will tell you if they want it. They’ll tell you if it’s a good idea.

Okay, the number three: If they start biting, if your customers start biting, and you sell out, sell it again. And then sell it again. And then sell it again. Keep selling it. That’s the key. You find a product, and then you sell it in every possible place that you possibly can, because if your audience likes it, I’m sure the next-door neighbor audience is gonna like it.

Let’s see, I was trying to see if I had a number four. But I don’t. Those are my top three suggestions for getting out there, finding your product. Now, if this totally geeks you out, and you want to sell like 13,000 dollars in a day, go over and check out the Master class that I teach on it’s … the link’s gonna be down below. You’re gonna find so much more information. You guys can make this a reality. This just happened this week with us, and it’s happening all the time. I can see it.

So, make this your reality. Live your Because I Can Clan life. Why? Because you can. Live the life that you’ve always wanted to. So, have a beautiful, wonderful week.